Economic Social Legal Pathways, Inc.


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We’re a different kind of company – no divisive walls, no cubicles, no private offices. The CEO sits at a desk on the main floor with everyone else. Our experience has shown that in a relaxed atmosphere where employees have the chance to deal openly and directly with each other, the work environment is significantly better, communications are clear, and attitudes remain positive.

We emphasize group decision-making and decentralization, so that staff has maximum authority, creativity, freedom and support to help meet the needs of the people we serve, without cumbersome centralized bureaucracy.

Pathways is a values-driven organization that is continually in the process of redefining its corporate values. We believe that Pathways demonstrates its commitment to employees by listening and responding to employee concerns. All Pathways employees are invited to participate in ongoing dialogues to challenge and improve our work culture. We do not merely encourage all members of the corporation to support and promote the organizational values, we require that that they do so.

Eligible employees of Pathways are provided a wide range of benefits. A number of such benefits, such as Social Security, Worker’s Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance cover all employees. Further eligibility depends on a variety of factors including salary level and job status. All full-time staff receives the same benefits – new employees earn the same vacation and benefits as their director or the most senior employee.

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