Economic Social Legal Pathways, Inc.

Housing Security

Increase housing security and affordability

Many Californians are one or two missed paychecks away from living on the street.

Almost 60 percent of renters and more than 40 percent of homeowners spend one-third or more of their income on housing expenses. About 275,000 properties in the State of California are in some state of foreclosure. These problems result in part from an inadequate supply of affordable housing.


ESLP will convene County and City departments, and nonprofit providers to analyze the effectiveness of current services and programs like eviction prevention, home repair, and mortgage diversion to help people stay in their homes. In addition, it will work to increase other resources and supports like assistance with energy conservation, weatherization, and help with utilities, case management, and other social services.

Signs of Success

  1. Increased number of people who receive assistance to prevent loss of home and other homebuyer-related assistance.
  2. Increased number of people who secure safe and affordable permanent housing.
  3. Increased number of people receiving housing counseling who also receive other needed services: treatment for mental illness, substance abuse counseling, domestic violence counseling; financial education workshops; utility and conservation assistance; and public benefits counseling.

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