Economic Social Legal Pathways, Inc.


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Small Business Mentoring events at ESLP are designed to get you one-on-one time with business professionals and consultants to move your business forward.

ESLP provides assistance to induce new businesses to locate in communities whose economies are depressed or deteriorating, or to provide assistance to existing, emerging businesses so that they may remain in such communities. To qualify for ESLP Small Business Mentoring service, a business entity must provide relief to poor and distressed (e.g. creating businesses and jobs that employ refugees, unemployed ex-fellons, minorities, etc.), and the promotion of social welfare by organizations designed to lessen neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice and discrimination or combat community deterioration.

Whether you are a new business venture or growing company, ESLP offers advising services to members. Come meet with a Business Advisor who will coach you through challenging areas in your business. Small Business Mentoring services are made to help entrepreneurs develop their companies by giving a systematic 360° perspective on four developmental areas; Business Concept, Organization/Compliance/HR, Customer Relations, and Operations, which you will continuously improve during the lifespan of your business. We help companies determine which area of focus by prioritizing and creating an action plan for success.

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