Economic Social Legal Pathways, Inc.

What We Do

HUMAN SERVICES DIVISION. Through a volunteer-peer-support based workforce, Pathways provides a wide range of human services for the most vulnerable members of our society. People with mental illness, addictions, and homeless individuals and families benefit from the compassionate care and support provided through Pathways' peer-to-peer, and volunteer based programs.

THE ECONOMIC DIVISION's mission is to invest in people to create measurable and enduring social and economic change. We have helped many business owners and created and retained jobs via our comprehensive suite of programs. Pathways provides assistance to induce new businesses to locate in communities whose economies are depressed or deteriorating, or to provide assistance to existing, emerging businesses so that they may remain in such communities. To qualify for Pathways Small Business Mentoring service, a business entity must provide relief to poor and distressed (e.g. creating businesses and jobs that employ refugees, unemployed individuals, minorities, ex-offenders, etc.), and promote social welfare by lessening neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice and discrimination or combat community deterioration.

How do we do this? We educate, and innovate with the businesses and people we inspire.