Economic Social Legal Pathways, Inc.


Economic Social Legal Pathways, Inc. ("Pathways") is a nonprofit with the broadest possible service mission, and specializes in creating innovative, quality services that support people of all abilities and any challenges wherever the need exists.

Pathways' programs include assistance to induce new businesses to locate in communities whose economies are depressed or deteriorating, or to provide assistance to existing, emerging businesses so that they may remain in such communities. To qualify for Pathways Small Business Mentoring service, a business entity must provide relief to poor and distressed (e.g. creating businesses and jobs that employ refugees, unemployed individuals, minorities, formerly incarcerated), and promote social welfare by lessening neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice and discrimination or combat community deterioration.

We provide advice to startups, governments, and financial institutions to build programs that reduce poverty, and provide equal access to entrepreneurship resources that enable people to build thriving communities.